Private Residential Security

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In times’ past, people would leave their doors unlocked at night or during the day as they worked out in their yard. We aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with the peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your time. Client requirements may also involve the enforcement of non-disclosure agreements for everyone who enters their property. After all, they may not want the whole world to know what goes on within the privacy of their home or what artwork and assets they may have.

We continuously evolve and evaluate our procedures and protocols for a variety of sites and we know how we can provide help and insight. Security team members will vet guests to ensure that they grant only expected welcome people access to the property. Tradespeople often being escorted throughout the property, reducing the opportunity for theft, unreported damage, trespass, and unfounded allegations. I am constantly impressed at the professionalism and quality of their team. Their guards are polite, respectful and have handled stressful situations with compassion. Advanced technological solutions – CCTV monitoring residential security systems.

The RST is responsible for ‘setting up and maintaining’ security procedures at the Principal’s Residence, or any place where the Principal will be “Residing” for a period of time. We offer armed or unarmed guards for short or long term assignments all across the United States. Contact Off Duty Officers today for a quote on expert residential security for your property. An executive protection agent assigned to you can either be armed or unarmed based on your security needs and works to optimize security policies and procedures in your home. They also provide security and awareness training to members of your family, regular guests in your home, staff – generally anyone who is usually around you and your loved ones.

All doors and windows should have security gates or burglar bars over them. These should preferably be un-lockable from the inside in the event of a fire. Shutters over windows are also a good idea and can be fitted externally and internally. Internal doors leading to central passages and between family rooms, should be kept locked when the house is unoccupied to make moving around inside difficult. The whereabouts of the safe room must be known to all relevant people including the security team, Principal, his/her family and anyone else to be protected. Gated communities, apartment and condo complexes, HOAs and other residential living communities share some of the same common threats.

Experience – All officers should have a military or law enforcement background. If not, then they should have at least worked in different capacities in the security industry for at least three years. Dealing with emergencies – providing an immediate security response to any scenario, before the police arrive. Site Equipment – can include body worn cameras, two-way-radios, high vis jackets, reflective cones, strobe lights, security branded vehicles with police colours. At Rhodes Security Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized attention and expert care to every customer who partners with us. Allied Universal can provide a comprehensive assessment through our Risk Advisory and Consulting group to see what the best approach for your community may be.

Our residential security guards can check identification, maintain visitor lists, open or secure gates at designated times and provide resident and visitor assistance. The cost of home security systems can vary significantly depending on the provider and the level of protection that you require. Other factors may impact the cost of your monthly payment such as the type of equipment used, the level of monitoring service provided, and more. Contact us today to discuss your home security needs and receive a free consultation to determine if a home security system is right for you. We guarantee you cost-effective solutions at highly competitive pricing.

residential security services offer peace of mind that you, your family, home and belongings are being professionally protected from outside threats. Prevent unfortunate security issues by hiring the best residential security team for your community, apartment building, HOA or condo. Off Duty Officers’ security guards also help law enforcement by ensuring that police, fire or medical personnel find the scene efficiently, so no time is wasted. Security guards can also aid in maintaining the integrity of the scene by keeping vehicles and other residents at a distance, allowing emergency responders to do their work.

A room near the main door is good, as people then do not need to walk through the house. The RST’s duties quite simply are to secure and protect the Principal’s residence, whether this is a mansion, flat, yacht or hut. Security at the residence is very important because the entire family of the Principal may be gathered together at this point. It is also the Principal’s place of relaxation, where he should be able to be left in privacy, away from the stresses of the outside world. Standard Operation Procedures will require that the entrances and exits to the grounds and residence itself must all be secured and methods of dealing with visitors must be established. Reception of Mail, Packages and general deliveries together with the reaction to emergencies should be pre-planned well in advance.

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