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Because the game is very often held event “”Fiesta lures.”” For improving 1 legendary bait immediately gives 10,000 points. If you have 3 legendary fish for improvement, and you held them before the event, you will immediately receive 30,000 points. That for the performance you get 3 bronze packages of lures and 30 pieces of Sonar. Moreover, if you have accumulated several mythical and epic lures, then you will immediately receive the legendary lures. Licenses Tab Licenses add certain bonuses for catching certain fish, or for special conditions.

Your fish must be heavier than theirs, you’ll know because both your fish scores will b green instead of red. The last 2 words in the trees are fly fishing I can’t figure out the first word.. You can copy the codes from the article above to avoid any spelling error. Update August 22nd, 2021; NO code has been announced this week. They will probably announce it this week; before Sunday. I’m not in that event but looking at Mekong, my yin and yan fish have re-appeared from before.

Regarding “gold” code – it was not a universal code, if you have received the riddle message in the inbox during the event, it could have worked. No issues currently, but some players were having trouble loading the game about an hour ago. Level 180 and up get a gift code, but us lower levels get nothing. Is there anyway to tranfser my game to another i pad without having to start over. Or spin the wheel five times and land on skills tokens 2 times and stupid speed pups the other 3.

So it would be better to upgrade the lures. Complete the fish collection, keep an eye on gift codes, from the spinning wheel, events, etc. There are more than x3 power-ups in the Fishing Clash game; weight, catch chance, speed, luck, multi-hook, sonar, and more. Before you cast the lure, you can activate the power-ups. There will be a new fishing clash codes deutsch next week. Usually, it comes on Wednesday, but sometimes, devs release it late.

The percentage of Sonar must be at least 30%. Otherwise, you will have to change the indicator to a better one. To do this, at the bottom of the window there is a “”Pull”” button. Here, for pearls, you can increase the properties of fishing rods. A special fishing rod “”Megalodon Hunter”” , if possible pump it up to 7 stars, and assign it this particular type of fish for catch.

There are two types of packs; free pack and special pack. A special pack gets unlocked when you earn a set of trophies. And the free pack unlocks after every few hours.

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