Product Roadmap Templates With Examples and Guidance Aha! software

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It serves as a communication tool for the team and stakeholders and shows the strategic thinking behind all the product’s goals and the steps it will take to achieve them. Create or log into your Visme account to find your perfect roadmap template, and keep your team members and stakeholders aligned with your business strategies and objectives. A sales roadmap is a visual representation to show all the initiatives, strategies and steps a sales team will need to take in order to reach their target sales goal.

Figma also hosts many user-created templates—have a look at the community roadmap templates to see the different types of roadmap you can create with the tool. For example, Figma user Setproduct created a Gantt chart roadmap template. Figma is a freemium collaborative interface design tool. Figma’s agile roadmap template organizes rows into workspaces , and monthly columns, to give you an overview of when updates are planned to roll out. Feature and release roadmaps chart the development and release of product features, so templates need to focus more on clear timeframes and feature descriptions. Product roadmaps help align teams and stakeholders around a top-level plan that shows how a product will evolve from its current state into the company’s future vision.

To not cause any distraction, we recommend you use 3 fonts maximum per roadmap. You can also create clear charts, add highly visible text, assign projects to different team members and add end-goal dates to each task. Nd marketing and business topics with these slides in no time.

Our resource management features also help you manage costs at the task level. When dealing with your human resources, you want to make sure they’re working at capacity but not overburdened. Like a roadmap, the dashboard provides a high-level view of the project. It tracks a number of metrics to give you an overview of the progress and performance of the project.

The colors are easy on the eyes and it literally takes the word “roadmapping” to another level. You can see the car graphic on the roadmap of success and all the tasks that need to happen in order to reach the goals. This project roadmap template is perfect to get your team and stakeholders aligned on what’s to come. You can change the colors and shapes of this template to personalize it completely.

Not the type of thing you would reveal to a customer or partner — but perfect for keeping the product development team on track. The roadmap templates below show monthly and weekly timelines for individual features. In the first one, you can track the status of each feature by free roadmap template

Our business roadmap template will help your team excel in what needs to be done. Simply customize the content of this template to suit your unique business needs. This strategic roadmap template is a very visually engaging one, full of icons to help your team understand what’s on the table with just a quick look. The roadmap is one of the first slides your audience can see.

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the employees learning path in order to obtain well structured development programs for the organization. Elucidate the five stages and present information using this PPT slide. This is a completely adaptable PowerPoint template design that can be used to interpret topics like Comprehensive Onboarding, Skill Development Plan, Professional Development Plan. Presenting 1114 entry strategies timeline PowerPoint presentation.

Designing a roadmap slide will cost you over 30 minutes or even more. Here is our pre designed roadmap PPT template that can save this time. It guides the organization to reach the targeted or desired goal with a devised plan.

A roadmap will communicate what the end result of your product should be, and the steps and tools needed to get there. The first release roadmap template uses a Gantt chart to highlight the phases and tasks that make up the overall release plan. The second template shows upcoming releases, planned delivery dates, and the top features that will be included in each release.

Discover the most useful roadmap templates built for Excel and PowerPoint. Download for free and easily customize them with your project data. The following slide highlights the DevOps transformation roadmap with cloud strategy, assessment DevOps, pipelines and business agility. Introducing our premium set of slides with Four Major Levels Of Cloud DevOps Maturity Model.

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